Berliner Grill & Deli Northriding
248 Northlands Deco Park, Northriding
c/r Witkoppen & New Market Road
TEL: 011 462 0400


Berliner Grill & Deli : Sandton
Cambridge Crossing Shopping Centre
cnr Witkoppen & Stone Haven Road
TEL: 011 803 1723


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        Orders placed on Friday will only be processed on Monday (provided payments has been made/confirmed from our side) as we currently do not deliver on Saturdays or Sundays.

      1. Payment by EFT is currently accepted. banking details will be on final invvoice emailed to you.

      1. The final invoice of your order will be emailed to you, for payment, which you can then print for your reference. Your delivery will also be accompanied by a tax invoice - one for you to keep, and the other for you to sign and be returned to us.

      1. If you are not yet registered with “" you can check if we deliver to your area by going to On the Home page, top right, select your City and Suburb from the dropdown lists in the top right hand side of the homepage marked 'Do we deliver in your area?'. Also when you register you will be asked to enter your delivery address from a predefined list of suburbs to where we deliver. Please note that we only deliver to addresses located within our predefined coverage areas. We are not able to deliver to addresses added within the delivery instructions or where a street address does not exist in the delivery suburb chosen. Our range of suburbs currently covered are as a result of customer demand and logistical/commercial capability - to offer a service of the necessary standard and at a reasonable price. We are always looking to expand so if we do not deliver to your area and you would like us to, please let us know so that we can investigate the possibility. If you don’t deliver to my area, is it possible that you might in the future?

        We are always growing our delivery network and will be interested in delivering to you if at all possible. You are invited to suggest your area, whether you are a registered Online Shopper or not.

      1. Once you have selected a delivery address it will be displayed to you upon checkout. You can change it by updating at that point. You can also change your address by selecting ‘Profile' from the main menu and editing your 'Delivery Details'. You will be able to add a new address or edit the existing address.

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      1. Deliveries will be made within 48 hours on receiving payment of your order. We deliver Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 16:30, but individual areas may be subject to different delivery times. You will receive a sms reminding you that your delivery will be made on that particilar day.

      1. The deliveries are normally made by a single driver in a Berliner branded vehicle. The driver will be in Berliner uniform and also carry a Berliner ID and name badge. Please ensure you confirm your unique order number with the driver before allowing access.

      1. Your order must be signed for by yourself or a nominated representative who is at least 18 years old. ID may be required.

      1. Delivery can only be made if you are there to receive your goods. An additional delivery fee may be charged if we need to re deliver.

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      1. It's not necessary or expected to tip your delivery driver.

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